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Welcome to your very own mobile paint & craft party service for your home, office, & event locations!  Crafting fun with family & friends brought straight to you.  Please see our Event Calendar & Ticket Store for public & private ticket registration.
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Whether you like canvas paintings, mixed media art, yarnwork, or DIY projects; Crafty Laughs brings something for everyone.  We specialize in teaching party guests how to create their own fun paint/craft projects for scheduled Public & Private events.

Go to our Event Calendar & Ticket Store  to see our upcoming public events for guests of all ages.  Click each event to see details, pricing, and to purchase tickets.

Book your Crafty Laughs crafter for your very own friend's night, date night, birthday party event, mommy/daddy & me, and much more within your home, office, or event location spot!  Please feel free to inquire about different projects you're interested in.  We love fresh ideas!  When you choose to host your own event, please see some great incentives below.

5+ guests reservations-your project is 50% off!

10+ guests reservations-your project is FREE!​

Referral Bonus: $5 credit towards another project for every party booked by your referral!

 Please feel free to look at our Event Calendar & Ticket Store  link for already scheduled dates.  We can party on weeknights and weekends, but always  Contact Us  with your party date/time requests, and craft project ideas.  We will contact you back as soon as possible to schedule and confirm your party event details.  Please note, even if there is a previously booked party on the date you are interested in, please make sure to ask if there are more available times that day.  Party event details are worked out after you  Contact Us  .

You will be given a link to our   Event Calendar & Ticket Store   page to share with your guests.  There, they will be able to search for your event and make reservations, including payment, all online!  Five or more guests are preferred to maintain your party date, but Contact Us  for more information. 

**All private party dates must be cancelled two weeks ahead of the party date at the latest.  

When applicable, a Facebook event invite will be setup to share your party with friends and family as well. 

**Please specify these requirements to guests upon invitations**

Party Hosts must be 18 years of age or older.

All guests betweem the ages of 7-10 must be accompanied by an adult (maximum of 3-to-1 ratio) unless otherwise agreed upon.

Guests under the age of 6 require a 1-to-1 adult ratio please.

All craft supplies are provided to guests as part of the reservation price;  including smocks, table covers, brushes, paints, and more! 

Finished projects are taken home by the guests the night of the event.

​**A Maryland 6% sales tax will automatically be added onto all project prices within the Reservation Process.

Crafty Laughs currently covers Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas within approx. 45-60 mile radius.  Please Contact Us for inquiries on location requests.
Growing up with a family that encouraged arts and crafts, Carey Anderson decided to find a career that could foster her creative side.  

As an Occupational Therapist, she found that she could combine the love of helping people gain independence in activities of daily living, while utilizing arts and crafts as a medium for therapy.

Sharing her creative side was so touching to some of the residents and staff, that people quickly started asking her to bring the fun into their homes & event locations. 

Out of this demand, stemmed the company, Crafty Laughs.